I need help with my Promotion. Who do I contact?

Your first point of contact is your Business Development Manager or Account Manager; however, our Vendor Relations Team is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST to answer any questions. You can contact Vendor Relations by email at or 02 8405 7106 for AU or for NZ.

These contact details are for our partners only and should not be provided to customers.

There have been changes within my business who do I advise?

We ask that you immediately notify Vendor Relations and your Business Development Manager or Account Manager of any business changes that may affect the campaign:

  • Your business closes or changes ownership

  • Your menu or available services change

  • Your trading hours, contact information or location change

  • Your business is closing temporarily (e.g. for maintenance work)

  • You change your bank account or ABN

  • You are no longer able to service your deal

I want to run another campaign. Who Should I contact?

You can contact the Business Development Manager or Account Manager who assisted you in creating your previous Scoopon campaign.

Alternatively, you can email who will put you in contact with the Account Manager in your area.

Vendor Portal & My Campaigns

Why should I use the Vendor Portal?

It’s a quick and easy way to:

  • View your sales and track the success of your deal through Campaign Insights

  • Provide feedback on your experience

  • Redeem your serviced vouchers

  • Avoid servicing the same voucher more than once

  • Make sure you get paid accurately

  • Access your payment history with past invoices and remittance

What are my Login Details?

Prior to your campaign going live, you were provided with the email address for your Vendor Portal login. If you have forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Password tool to reset your details:

If you needed further help, please get in touch with Vendor Relations on 02 8405 7106 or for AU or for NZ.

Do you have an APP?

While we do not have a dedicated app for the Vendor Portal, you can still scan/redeem a customer’s voucher on your mobile or tablet device!

To do this, simply open the Vendor Portal in a browser (like Chrome or Safari). Redeem the voucher as normal or use your device’s camera to scan the QR code. 

Tip: Save the icon to your device’s home screen to give you access to the Vendor Portal in one click – much like an app! For instructions on setting this up, please click here:

How do I find my Campaign?

A list of all your campaigns can be found under Campaign Insights in your Vendor Portal. You will be able to filter by live, expired, upcoming and all campaigns. Click on Sales Performance to view your campaign dashboard.    

How do I see how many vouchers I have sold and redeemed?

Once you have logged in, click Campaign Insights to see a list of your current live campaigns running across our platforms. To view your sales results and further metrics such as redemption, click on Sales Performance.

How can I tell if my campaign is still for sale?

You will be able to see your campaign dates (run date, end date, etc.) through the Vendor Portal. Click on Campaign Insights to see the start date, end date and expiry for each campaign.    

I am in the portal but can’t load details or redeem vouchers?

If you receive a permission error or are unable to access your campaign insights/redeem vouchers your login session may have expired. To resolve this please log out of the Vendor Portal and log back in.

Should you have any further concerns please contact Vendor Relations via or 02 8405 7106 for AU, or for NZ.

How do I get a list of Customer Vouchers?

You can access a list of vouchers purchased for each promotion showing the purchases, voucher status, redemption status and other details. You can view online or download a CSV copy.

To access your campaign voucher list, click on Campaign Insights and then View Vouchers for the required campaign. To export the list, click on the Export Bookings button at the top of the page.

What is Cancelled Status in the voucher list?

If a customer voucher status is “cancelled” this generally means the voucher has been cancelled/refunded and is no longer valid.  If a customer attempts to use a voucher showing as cancelled, please ask the customer to check if they have another voucher, or ask them to contact our Customer Support team for assistance on 1300 726 676 (AU) or

What is Net Revenue in my Campaign Sales Performance?

This is the total campaign net revenue after the marketing fee for this campaign. This figure is up-to-date and will factor in any refunds on your promotion. Funds are released in accordance with your agreed payment terms.

How do I change my password?

To change the password for your account while logged in to the Vendor Portal, click on My Account. Fill out your current password, new password and confirm new password fields. Click on Update Password. If you are trying to access the Portal and have forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Password tool to reset your password.

Redeeming Vouchers

Do I need to redeem vouchers?

Using the Vendor Portal to redeem vouchers is part of the agreement unless otherwise stated on your contract. Redeeming vouchers:

  • Helps to ensure vouchers presented to you are valid and have not been previously redeemed

  • Allows our Customer Service team to see the voucher has been serviced for customer escalations

  • Ensures that reminder emails are only sent to customers who have not yet redeemed their voucher

  • Sends the customer a feedback survey to rate their experience

How do I redeem vouchers?

When you log in to the Vendor Portal you will default to our Redeem Vouchers page. Here you can search for the customer’s voucher code or scan the customer’s QR code.

Each customer is provided a voucher with a unique voucher code. Use this code to redeem the customer’s voucher in the Vendor Portal. On mobile devices you can also scan the QR code allowing for quick redemption.  Alternatively, you can search and redeem vouchers from your campaign voucher list.

For more information on how to redeem, visit this link:

When should I redeem vouchers?

To avoid servicing the same voucher more than once or servicing a refunded voucher, we recommend that you redeem vouchers immediately after servicing a customer.

If this is not possible, we recommend you update your Vendor Portal as often as you can, so your records are accurate and up to date. Please do not redeem a customer’s voucher prior to service to ensure that they are not provided a Customer Feedback survey prior to the service taking place.

What happens if the customer forgets their voucher?

If a customer does not have their printed voucher with them you can ask them to display it on their smartphone. You can take note of the voucher number from the customer’s phone.

If this isn’t possible, we recommend that you verify the validity of the Scoopon by locating the customer name in the Vendor Portal. You can quickly check this via Redeem Vouchers and searching for the customer’s name. If the voucher is valid - go ahead with the service, then email the following details to for AU or for NZ so they can assist you with the redemption:

  • Purchaser name

  • Voucher number

  • Date and time of booking

  • Customer phone number and/or email address

    NOTE: If the customer is attending a booking made through our Online Booking tool, the customer’s voucher will be available via the Nabooki Portal 30 minutes prior to their confirmed booking date and time.

What happens if I have accidentally redeemed a customer’s voucher?

Oops! Not a problem. Simply locate the voucher you have redeemed in error via your Voucher List or by searching for the voucher in Redeem vouchers, then click Unredeem.

I received an error when trying to redeem a voucher?

There a few things that this could mean:

  • The voucher has already been redeemed: The redemption date and time will display in this case

  • The voucher may have been cancelled/refunded: The status will display as cancelled

  • The incorrect voucher code has been entered: Double check the code provided by the customer

  • The voucher may be for a different deal: Confirm the voucher provided is for your campaign

  • The voucher has expired, so redeem at your discretion: The voucher may have just expired, but we allow up to 30 days from expiry for you to redeem a voucher. If you are happy to honour just click Redeem

  • The voucher has expired and cannot be redeemed: The voucher expired over 30 days ago and cannot be redeemed

I am having trouble scanning vouchers on my Mobile?

The Vendor Portal has been designed to support QR scanning on mobile devices. If you are having trouble scanning vouchers on your mobile:

  • Make sure you are using the default browser on your mobile (Chrome for Android devices and Safari Web for Apple devices)

  • Make sure you have allowed access permissions for your camera (on first use you will be prompted to provide permission, alternatively you can check the permissions in your setting that camera access is enabled for your browser)

Can i redeem vouchers after the expiry?

There may be times where you want to redeem a voucher past the expiry date, whether it be redeeming vouchers after the last day of service or allowing a customer to redeem after the expiry. In both circumstances you have up to 30 days from the expiry date to enter the redemption in your Vendor Portal.


Who can I direct customers to for help with their purchase?

We have a dedicated Customer Experience team available to assist our customers. If you find a customer needs further assistance regarding their purchase, please direct them to Customer Experience on 1300 726 676 (AU), live chat via the website they purchased from, or via

What do I do if a customer does not show for a booking?

Booking reminders are a great way to ensure customers are ready to visit you for their upcoming booking time. If a customer misses a confirmed booking and they have not notified you in the specified cancellation/rescheduling time outlined on your campaign, you are able to redeem that voucher in the Vendor Portal. Please note, it is at your discretion should you wish to reschedule and accept the voucher if the customer has missed their booking.

A customer has contacted me after expiry asking to redeem the voucher?

We want customers to have the best experience possible at your venue, and sometimes there may be a genuine reason why a customer has been unable to redeem during the validity. We leave it up to your discretion should you wish to honour the customer’s voucher after the expiry date. We allow up to 30 days from the expiry date for voucher codes to be redeemed in the Vendor Portal.

How do I get a Customer’s Contact details?

For privacy reasons we are unable to provide customer contact details. Should you need assistance in contacting a customer, please let us know and we will attempt to contact the customer on your behalf. Please ensure to provide the reason for wanting to contact the customer and their voucher code

I have received an email from Customer Experience what do I do?

From time to time our mutual customers will contact us regarding their voucher purchase. In some circumstances our Customer Experience team will need to contact you for clarification to resolve the query. Please reply as soon as possible as this helps to resolve the customer’s query and avoid potential refunds.

Online Bookings

What are Online Bookings?

We have partnered with Nabooki to bring online booking functionality to our campaigns. This allows customers to make a booking instantly, plus it helps you to manage your availability and maximise your time by taking phone/email bookings out of the equation.

If you are interested in having online bookings for a future campaign please let your Account Manager know and they can talk you through the details.

How do I see my Bookings and Manage my Calendar?

If your campaign has been set up using the Online Booking tool you will receive booking confirmations and daily booking summaries to the email address you have provided.

We have partnered with Nabooki to provide this Online Booking functionality, and as a result, booking information is unavailable via the Lux Everyday Vendor Portal.

You will have access to the Nabooki Portal to manage the Online Booking system for your campaign. An email with your login information is provided prior to the campaign going live. You can log in via this link:

If you do not have your password, or have forgotten the password, use Forgot Your Password to reset your details.

How do I update the email address for booking notifications??

If you need to update the email address you use to receive your booking confirmations, please let us know at or you can update this via Nabooki under Setup > Notifications.

What do I do if I need to reschedule a customer booking?

We understand that things happen, and you may need to cancel or reschedule a booking. To try and minimise any customer dissatisfaction, please contact the customer as soon as you are aware. Each booking you receive contains the customer’s contact information in the event you need to contact them regarding their booking. You can access this via the booking confirmation email, by searching for the customer in your bookings list in the Nabooki Portal, or by clicking on the customer’s booking from your calendar view.

Please ensure once you have contacted the customer that you edit the booking to reschedule to the agreed new date or cancel the booking so the customer may book again in their own time.

A customer has contacted me saying they cannot book online?

This may be due to there being no availability for the remainder of the campaign. Please ensure you have not accidentally blocked out dates or restricted your operating hours in Nabooki.

Some customers may have been given the voucher as a gift or purchased via the app, in which case the customer will need to book their voucher via our dedicated page for reservations:

Scoopon –
Cudo –
Deals –

Customers will not be able to book online if they have already made a reservation that has passed, they have cancelled their voucher, or if the voucher has been redeemed in the Lux Everyday Vendor Portal. Should a customer need further assistance with making a booking please direct them to our Customer Experience team.

Do I need to send the customer a reminder for their Booking?

For all Nabooki bookings, the customer will receive an automated email reminding them of their upcoming booking.

I am full booked. How do I block out availability?

We understand that at times you will become fully booked, or have events that require  Nabooki availability to be blocked in order to prevent customers from making a booking.

We need to ensure that the contractually agreed availability remains for the duration of the campaign. However, if there is a date or time you need to block out, you can do so by emailing

Alternatively, you can use the blackout date button on your Nabooki Calendar, or drag and drop a specific blackout time (e.g. dinner) on the required day on the Calendar. If this is your first time doing so and you’re unsure how to proceed, please contact Vendor Relations to ensure it’s done correctly and does not disrupt customers from booking at other times.

Am I able to change the Availability?

We need to ensure that the contractually agreed availability remains throughout the promotion validity. This is to ensure the advertisement meets advertising guidelines and is not misleading to potential customers, or customers who have already purchased the offer. If your circumstances have changed since your campaign has gone live, please contact Vendor Relations as soon as possible to discuss on 02 8405 7106 or

The customers voucher is not showing redeemed in the Lux Everyday Portal after the booking?

Currently there is no functionality to automatically redeem a voucher for a booking in Nabooki that has passed. Until we have the functionality you will need to redeem vouchers for your bookings via the Vendor Portal when the customer attends the booking.

If the customer has not brought their voucher, you can access the full voucher code from the Nabooki Portal when viewing the customer’s booking (this is available 30 minutes prior to their booking time).


When do I get paid?

You can find your First Payment date, Next Payment date and Final Payment date in the Vendor Portal. Go to Campaign Insights and click on Sales Performance – refer to payment schedule.

For further information on your payment timeframes, refer to your contract Payment Terms.

I need to get a copy of the Invoice and Remittance?

Invoice of sales and remittance are provided within 24 hours of payment being processed. These are emailed to the email provided prior the campaign launching. If you need to update this email address please contact Vendor Relations via (AU) or (NZ).

You also have access a history of payment in your Vendor Portal. Click on Invoices & Remittance from the menu bar in your Vendor Portal.

I need to update my details for Payment?

For your security please do not email bank information through to us. Notify us via that you need to update your payment details. We will then send an electronic bank verification form to fill out to update your payment information.

Why didn’t I receive a payment?

If you are within the payment cycle and have not received a payment then there is no payment outstanding. Please refer to your payment terms, if no sales/redemptions have occurred in the payment period no payment will be due. You can refer to Campaign Insights > Sales Performance to monitor your weekly sales and redemptions.

If you were due a payment, the funds may have bounced back so please check your payment details and confirm they are correct.

I received only received part of the payment noted on the remittance?

Please note for our Australian partners that payment is processed through different banks. As such you may see some payments arrive in your account at different times. We recommend allowing up to 72 hours from the payment date for all funds to be received.

I need further help with understanding my payments?

For each payment we will provide:

1. Sales invoice showing the breakdown for the amount being paid. We also provide a campaign summary showing the total sales breakdown since the campaign launched

2. Remittance advice showing the total payment made by deal website, along with the total amount that has been paid to date

3. Remittance CSV - Further detail can be sourced from the remittance CSV which breaks down all vouchers sold on your campaign, including voucher code, purchase date, voucher option, location, payment status, redemption status, payment date, sale price, marketing fee and payment amount.

Should you need further clarification on your payment please contact (AU) or (NZ).