Vendor Portal FAQs


How Do I Login To The New Vendor Portal?

You should have received an email containing your log-in details. If you had an account in the old portal, these log-in details will remain the same.

If you're having trouble logging in, please reach out to Vendor Relations.

What has changed/improved with the Vendor Portal:

  • You spoke, we listened! We’ve redesigned our Vendor Portal to give you a better experience. Here are some improvements:

  • All pages will load faster, which means less waiting time for you

  • Improved  sales performance stats, so you can learn more from your campaigns

  • Easier redemption, with our new mobile and tablet friendly QR scanner

  • A better user experience, with everything you need in one place

How do I see my campaign?
Once you’ve logged in to the Vendor Portal, click on My Campaigns and you’ll see all your current, upcoming and past campaigns. If you’re having trouble, you can check out our step-by-step instructions here.

When will I get paid for my campaign?

  • Scoopon

    • Payment cycles for any vouchers sold prior to June 27 will remain the same. Any vouchers sold on or after June 27 will be paid fortnightly. 

  • Cudo, Deals & Treat Me

    • Payment cycles for any vouchers sold prior to September 26 will remain the same. Any vouchers sold on or after September 26 will be paid fortnightly.

How do I arrange a new campaign on the new website?
Your account manager will be in contact to arrange a new campaign, as per usual. You can also reach out to them at any time with individual questions.

What will happen to my existing Cudo/Deals/Treat Me campaign?

  • Your existing campaign will be live on the current site/sites until 25 September.  From  26 September onwards it will then appear on the new-look sites.

  • Vouchers sold from both are valid for redemption until their stated expiry date. 

How do I set up a new campaign in the new platform?
You can always contact your account manager to set up any future campaigns, as per normal.

Will this affect my current Scoopon campaigns?
No, this change will only affect campaigns running on Cudo, Deals or Treat Me. Any current Scoopon campaigns will not be affected.

When does my campaign end?

  • Anything live on the current Cudo/Deals/Treat Me sites will end 25 September. Campaigns will then be re-launched on the new sites from 26 September. Your campaign’s end date will be the same as was originally confirmed with your account manager.

  • If you are unsure when your campaign is ending, you can always contact or your Account Manager.

Can I see my old campaigns in the new system?
You will not be able to see old campaigns in the new Vendor Portal. You will still be able to access the old system for historical campaign information.

My deal shows in ‘Past Campaigns’, does that mean I don’t need to service those vouchers?
No, a deal will only appear in past campaigns if it’s ended being live on the site. It may still have valid vouchers to be redeemed. If you are unsure, contact

Can I still use the Old Portals?

  • Scoopon

    • Yes, the old Scoopon Deal Tracker/Vendor App will continue to have information on all deals and vouchers sold prior to June 27.

  • Cudo/Deals/Treat Me

    • Yes, the old Lux Group Vendor Portal will still have historical information on all deals and vouchers sold prior to 26 September.

How do I tell when my deal will be running/expire?
Your campaign’s expiry is located on the deal page under “Fine Print”.  If you’re unsure, you can always contact or your Account Manager.

How do I redeem a voucher?

  • Redeeming a voucher has never been easier! Once you’re in a campaign (in the My Campaign section) click View Vouchers OR enter through Redeem Voucher section. You can then search for a voucher by voucher code or customer name. If you’re on a mobile or tablet, you can simply scan the QR code

  • If you’re having trouble, you can check out our step-by-step instructions here.

I have a campaign that ran on both the old and new website. Which portal should I use to redeem?

  • You can easily tell by checking if the voucher is a new or an old voucher. Here are some examples of both. 

  • Alternatively, check the sale date of the voucher. For Scoopon new Vendor Portal will apply to any vouchers sold on or after June 27. For Cudo, Deals or Treat Me it will apply to any vouchers sold on or after September 26. 

  • You can also try searching by customer name in the new Vendor Portal. If you are having any issues with this, you can always contact

I accidentally redeemed an incorrect voucher! What do I do?

  • To unredeem, the process is similar to redeeming. Once in the View Vouchers section, search for the relevant voucher by code or Customer Name and click unredeem.

  • Alternatively, you can always reach out to Vendor Relations for help

How do I redeem a voucher using then QR code?
You can now redeem vouchers by scanning a customer’s QR code. Simply open the Vendor Portal browser on a mobile, tablet or compatible laptop using Chrome or Safari, and scan!

How do I get a list of customers?

  • For campaigns launching on or after June 27, you can obtain a list of customers in the new portal by clicking View Vouchers and then Export Bookings. This will provide you with a list of all customers and their voucher IDs.

  • Remember, if your campaign was running before the switch date, you'll need to check the old portals for a complete list.

Is there an app I can use to redeem?
While we do not have a dedicated App for the Vendor Portal, you can still scan/redeem a customer’s voucher on your mobile or tablet device! To do this, simply open the Vendor Portal in a browser (like Chrome or Safari). From here, redeem the voucher as normal or use your devices camera to scan the QR code. 

How do I get my reports?

  • Under the My Campaigns section, go to View Sales Performance to see:

    • How many vouchers have been sold

    • Redeemed Vouchers

    • Unredeemed Vouchers

    • Refunds

    • Net revenue

How can I tell how many vouchers I have redeemed?
You can easily view information like how many vouchers have been redeemed at each deal option level under Sales Performance.

Do the Sales Performance results include sales made before the change?

  • Any vouchers sold on the old system (prior to June 27 for Scoopon and September 26 for Cudo/Deals/Treatme), sales will be reflected in the current vendor portal.

  • Any sales made on or after the switch date will appear in the new portal.