How To Make The Most Of Your Deal


Welcome to the Lux Family! Your business is being introduced to our 5+ million strong customer base  – and we know they’re going to love it. But we can tell you’re an overachiever, so here are some things you need to know to make sure you get the most out of your campaign.

Before You Launch

Log-in To The Vendor Portal If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the Vendor Portal – now is the time! This is where you can redeem vouchers, track your results and view customer purchase lists.

Staff Training

Don’t forget to communicate with your staff! You may be getting customers through on the first day, so it’s important everyone on the ground knows how what about the campaign, what the offer includes and how to redeem.

Be Prepared

You might start seeing an influx of customers from day one of the campaign, so make sure you are prepared to handle additional traffic. Consider all channels; email, web, social media and on-site. Do you need to set up voicemail, auto-replies or additional staff?

When You Launch

Put Your Best Foot Forward

There’s no second chance at a first impression, and for many customers, this will be their first interaction with your business or service. Ensure your staff treat customers using the offer like any other patron, because if they have a positive first experience, there’s a strong chance they’ll come back.


  • Be polite and courteous

  • Upsell

  • Treat the customers using the offer like any other patron

  • Share your deal with friends/family and on social media


  • Be overly pushy when trying to upsell

  • Highlight the fact the customer is using a voucher

  • Forget to monitor your campaign results and redemptions through the Vendor Portal

Bookings & Availability

We highlight in the terms of your campaign any restrictions, or limitations when it comes to booking availability. Please ensure customers are being booked in line with this. Don’t tell customers you can’t take their booking at peak times because they are using a voucher, UNLESS its mentioned already in the terms of your campaign. If you are booked out or want to guide customers to non-peak times, do this in a professional and courteous manner.

Take The Opportunity To Upsell

Remember, these customers appreciate value, so highlight any additional “specials” you can offer. Think about what often sells well that could be offered in addition to the voucher, for example a shared starter or bottle of wine, a small discount on an add-on service.

Thank You, Come Again

Our goal is turn these new customers into your repeat business. Aside from stellar service, a little incentive can go a long way. Try asking customers as they leave if they’d like to book a return visit, join your loyalty program, take a business card or follow you on social media. We’ve found this works most effectively when offering a small discount or incentive.

You could try…

  • Asking permission to subscribe customers your newsletters or social media

  • Encouraging #HappySnaps at your venue and shared on social media

  • Offering a small discount on their next visit

  • Recognize when they do come back and offer a free drink or sample

  • Where appropriate, conduct a follow-up call or email to ensure they’re happy with the service you provided


We understand that at times not everything may go to plan, that’s life! The good news is, we’re here to help. If any issues or concerns do arise, please keep us in loop so we can avoid any unhappy customers.

This includes:

  • Moving location

  • Menu/Product changes

  • Changes to your contact details

  • Closure or change of business ownership

Any issues, concerns or feedback – please get in touch! Either through your Account Manager, the Vendor Relations team or this enquiry form.