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Lux Everyday is a proud supporter of Cancer Council and their vision for a cancer-free future. We believe in bringing the best of life’s experience and peace of mind to everyone, everyday. Here, we chat with CEO Sean Butler on the partnership, and just why this cause is so personal… 

Why is it important to have a not-for-profit partnership? 

A large part of the Lux Everyday ethos is ‘To Inspire’, and we don’t think companies who are simply focused on profit can possibly achieve this. We’re a part of the Australian community, being owned and operated here, and want to make sure we’re contributing to it in a positive and meaningful way.  

There are so many reasons for businesses to have a strong CSR culture, both from an ethical standpoint but also commercially. Research shows when companies support social or environmental issues; 93% of consumers have a more positive image of that company. A company’s community values is also a consideration of 79% of potential employees – so really it’s a no-brainer.  

 Why Cancer Council? 

Statistics show that 350 Australians are diagnosed with cancer everyday. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t been affected by cancer either personally, or through a loved one. Cancer Council not only support those currently suffering, but are heavily involved in undertaking and funding research, as well as the prevention and control of cancer.  

On a personal note, I’ve recently battled (and beaten) skin cancer, so it’s an issue that’s extremely real and close to my heart.  

 How is Lux Everyday supporting Cancer Council?  

Our goal is raise $100,000 for Cancer Council, as well as supporting them in non-monetary ways that are just as crucial. Awareness is key, which is why we partner with some of Australia’s most prominent businesses to create one-off, exciting offers for our combined database of 5 million+. This in turn allows customers to shop knowing they’re supporting a great cause.  

Internally, we run frequent fundraising events that our team enthusiastically support We feel that it’s our responsibility to spread the research and information of Cancer Council far and wide. As well promoting healthy, balanced lifestyles, we live and breathe it in our offices through ‘perks’ like regular yoga, meditation and complimentary fresh fruit.   

How can businesses get involved?  

Please check out our fundraising page for more information or to donate. Alternatively, if you’re interested in running a campaign, get in touch with our sales team here. 

 To learn more about Cancer Council and their vision for a cancer free future, you can also visit their website.   

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