Namaste Yogis: Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

We all know that yoga has numerous health and emotional benefits. Everyone and their mother is signing up for all kinds of yoga classes, including yoga with beer, yoga with wine, yoga with cats even. We here at Lux Everyday are committed to our employees’ emotional and physical well-being. And while we may not get into the out-there classes we do hold a yoga class in our office every Tuesday as part of our benefits. There is no doubt that any company, large or small, can benefit from a weekly yoga class. Here are some of the benefits we have recognised:

1. Yoga Relieves Stress

Stress in the workplace today is a major concern for employers. Stress is not only an issue by itself, it can lead to and exacerbate illness and physical ailments. Everything from colds to heart disease can be made worse from stress and a stressful working environment. Additionally, this causes reduced productivity, greater financial losses, employee turnover, absenteeism, accidents and medical fees. Yoga is the perfect solution. It is a proven method for learning how to cope with stress, on and off the mat. Once you hold a balance with your hamstring aching while concentrating on continuing to breathe, you reach a new plane of acceptance. By encouraging relaxation in an artificially induced, semi-stressful situation (a yoga pose) makes work disasters easier to handle. Your yoga practice is a time for you to be alone with yourself and work through any internal issues, and learn to let it go. It could be physical pain, or mental pain, but usually both!

2. Decreases Physical Pain and Increases Strength

If you are suffering from aches, pains or more serious physical ailments, it will negatively affect your productivity. You will constantly be fixating on that issue. Work will be the last thing on your mind. Yoga creates movement and length in the spine by utilising poses that enhance the spines four main ways of moving: forward bend, back bend, side bend and twist. It also works on all the joints and enhance their range of movement, lengthen tight muscles, draw blood to injured areas, and have you standing taller and prouder. Yoga will not only create the pathways to good posture, but also give you an idea of how you should be standing, walking, and sitting.

Yoga makes you strong in a way that means your whole body has to work together in an effort to support itself in all kinds of unusual positions. This kind of strength is about muscular endurance, core and communication between your brain and your big toe, your brain and your fingertips, and everything in-between! For a muscle to function at peak performance, it must not only need the ability to tense and fire but also the ability to completely relax. So sometimes being strong is also about being soft.

3. Yoga Increases Focus

Presence of mind and focus on the task at hand is of paramount importance in business. It’s also what a yogi can glean from a weekly yoga class! In yoga, you are constantly being instructed to drawing your attention to specific areas of your body. As well as learning how to tune into your surroundings. Being unfocused in yoga can cause you to accidentally turn that flying pigeon pose into a flying kick into someone’s jaw. The meditation and breathing exercises that are part of every yoga class lead to a more mindful and mentally alert individual. These lessons can help drive out and silence the cacophony of workplace mental clutter so employees can focus on tasks, make better decisions, and never miss deadlines.

4. Yoga Can Boost Energy

Yoga focuses on circulating energy and consciousness through the body. Although it might look like simple stretches and balances from the outside, those poses and twists create a warmth throughout the body. Which increases energy levels and makes you feel whole and nourished. This is due to the increase of blood flow to all parts of the body, including the extremities, the internal organs, and the brain. It also increases oxygen transfer at the cellular level by using breath control, via a process known as the Bohr effect. Boosting energy levels so you leave yoga class refreshed and ready to face the rest of the workday!

5. It Boosts Positivity and Morale

As yoga helps to decrease stress it automatically boosts positivity and good moral. As yoga increases concentration and focus is also helps open the creative doors in one’s mind. If you are physically, mentally, and emotionally well, your morale will naturally be higher. When you are focused and have more energy, your positivity and confidence will soar. Once an employee is confident in themselves, they will have the confidence to share their ideas and collaborate more. Becoming a positive force in the workplace. If everyone follows suit, then you will have created a powerhouse of positivity and creativity. All from a few downward dog poses!

Employees that are healthy, relaxed and focused employees are more productive and cost-effective. Even encouraging employees to take 10 minutes to practice some desk-yoga stretches can suffice. Offering yoga classes at work or off-site is a low-cost and effective way to achieve happier and more productive employees.

Do you think your company would benefit from a yoga class? Comment below!

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