A Lesson In Self-Defence – A Student Perspective

Self-Defence Class

Every week for 45 minutes, one of our Lux Everyday  boardrooms transform from a business meeting place to a rowdy training ground. The company endorsed program of self-defence is led by our in-house guru and Luxury Escapes’ Chief Security Rhys MacFarlane. Here, we chat to three regular attendees Riley, Orlaith and Amanda on their thoughts on the classes, and what they’ve gained so far…

What made you try the self-defence classes?

R: I originally signed up for these sessions as an opportunity to break up the day, to get away from my desk and be up and moving… but quickly realized they held much, much more value.

O: I have always wanted to take classes but never got around to it. Also, it’s a great feeling knowing I could defend myself or someone else if necessary. We all like to think of ourselves as bad asses.

A: Thought it would be a good skill to have under the belt for those potential scary moments. Also I missed out on the first class and everyone was raving about it…extreme FOMO.

What do you like about them?

R: Not only are they a great networking opportunity across the business (you really get to know someone when you’re pretending to choke them), but for me the real benefit has been the feeling of confidence I’ve gained. It’s a subtle change, but I’ve definitely noticed myself feeling less scared when walking alone at night.

O: The classes include moves that are simple and intuitive. Rhys is a great instructor who doesn’t laugh at our naive questions and is encouraging. They are a lot of fun and we learn a lot.

A: Learning from a true professional like Rhys, who is passionate and a patient teacher. It’s a great little workout to break up the work day too!

What have you learned?

R: The key thing Rhys teaches us is how to cause maximum damage, with minimum effort, and how to best exit a hairy situation unscathed. Things like easily targeted pressure points, that you can hit even on someone substantial larger/stronger than you, that can help you escape.

O: So far we have learned some basic krav maga defence moves, how to disarm an attacker with a gun or knife, how to escape from a choke hold, and my personal favourite: the hammer punch. We’ve learned how to inflict maximum damage with minimal effort.

A: To not be afraid to fight back, and techniques that cause maximum impact with little self-harm (e.g. hammer punch) . Watch out 😛

You can learn more about our self-defence classes with our interview with instructor Rhys here.

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