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As part of his ongoing commitment to “Playing as a Team”, Lux Everyday CEO Sean Butler meets with two team members from across the business every, single, week.

Lux Everyday CEO Sean Butler

Taking a minimum of 30 minutes out of his day twice a week to have a coffee, get to know everyone and perhaps most importantly, be accessible.

We sat down with Butler to pick his brain as to why he’s using his valuable (and very limited) time for coffee catch ups, and whether or not other bosses should be doing the same…

What inspired you to start doing these?

Originally it was a personal development plan that I had set out for myself around getting to know my team personally so I could connect with them on a personal level, and gain trust as a leader.

With that being said, what I figured out is that good leadership is about good leaders being relevant and at the forefront of their team’s day to day, no matter how minuscule tasks or issues may seem.

For myself personally, it has been a great opportunity to just stop what I am doing and spend time with people on a personal level, getting to know them. What a great way to get paid, right?

How long have you been doing them?

I started them 8 weeks ago, and with over 100 to do, I can’t get them done fast enough! So far, I’ve done our entire New Zealand team, several in Sydney and Melbourne and still have the other states to go. My goal is to do the whole team in South Australia and Western Australia before the end of May.

 What sorts of things do you ask?

I like to understand everyone’s previous work experience, but more so where they are in their personal lives. For example where they live, their relationship status, do they have kids, no kids etc. From there, I share my personal story and how I ended up where I am, and how I got here.

The most important part for me is how they like working for Lux Everyday, what are their goals, what can we do better from a cultural point of view and how can I be a better CEO.

What are you hoping to gain from these sessions?

The aim is to build trust, and a personal relationship between myself and my team. My team is my success, and I need to be able to support them the best way possible. That’s not just via management, but it’s also through knowing them as individuals and making sure they are set up for success as well.

What sorts of insights have you already uncovered?

This is a great question and one I can only answer with the insights that I have been allowed to express openly – as majority of the feedback I receive is of course confidential. Whilst I have barely touched the surface yet in terms of the team, I would say that being a national based business across AU and NZ, people want to know who it is they deal with. A face to the name so to speak.

One major insight I’ve gotten is that we can do better at communicating across the group. As a company, let’s recognize success more and involve all departments in recognition.

Do you think this sort of program could work in other companies? Why/why not?

This is a difficult question to answer. I really think it’s down the size of the company and the industry they are in. For me all that is relevant is my company, my team, their happiness and success.

Finally, who did you meet with this week?  

I would prefer not to say. 😊


If you’d like to join Sean’s team, email your CV to peopleandculture@luxeveryday.com.

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