Why Australian Employees Are Dressing Down

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This week’s announcement from Commonwealth Bank and PWC on relaxing dress codes for employees, it proved a key element of working culture that us here at Lux Everyday have known for a while now…  That is, dressing better does not mean you do your job better. Wearing a suit and tie does not make you smarter, and you can actually provide quality output wearing a pair of thongs.

The announcement came from two of Australia’s biggest businesses’, following recent trends in the country towards a casual working dress code. The “dressing down” is largely a result of the recent “start-up generation” of entrepreneurs building websites from their basement, as well as the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg who have proven success (and mega-success at that) does not always wear a suit and tie.

As Lux Everyday People and Culture Director Elise MacFarlane explains, we’ve been championing a ‘dress for your day’ policy in our offices for a number of years now.

“It’s all about having trust in your employees, and allowing them to be comfortable. Everyone is different! So if you do your best work in jeans and a tee-shirt – then why shouldn’t you be able to wear that?

Of course, sometimes you might have important client-facing meetings, or simply feel like dressing up, and that’s completely fine. Everyone is so different, we’re proud to have created a working environment where our team members are able to dress to how they know they will maximize their productivity.”

And now it seems big business is jumping on the trend, with this latest announcement following on from a string of corporations who are relaxing their company dress code. And we think it’s safe to say,  Australian employees couldn’t be more comfortable with the change.

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